Fabletics Expands and Gets More Attention

Fabletics is the website that people are talking about when it comes to athletic clothing. This has become one of the most promising sites for the athletic clothing industry, and it appears that many people are impressed with how Kate Hudson is running things. She has created a website that allows women to order clothes online and also sign up for subscription services. There are a ton of clothing sites for women that are interested in this type of clothing, but Fabletics has appeared to be one of the most resourceful sites for variety.


There are a wide range of clothing options that make it one of the biggest athletic clothing sites on the web. What Kate Hudson is doing with all of this variety is luring customers through reverse show rooming. She is giving customers a chance to see what is available on the site, and in many instances that lures more customers to the physical stores. Kate Hudson has been working on getting more of the brick-and-mortar stores and place, and she is well aware that consumers are interested in what her company has to offer. She is taking time to carefully plot out where her next stores will appear. She has been a big fan of building her brand through social media, and this has been the way that she has successfully promoted the website within the last several years. Customers in areas that have upcoming stores are going to see more offline marketing campaigns because she is coming to certain cities. She has plans to do more marketing on television and promote the brand more with print ads and magazines now that consumers are going to have more opportunities to shop in stores.


Fabletics has become an exciting part of the clothing industry because there is a celebrity attached to the brand. Kate Hudson has been in many movies, and she is easily recognizable by most of the people that are buying her clothes. She is well aware that her fans may have the desire to wear what she wears, and that is why she has developed an activewear line as part of the Fabletics clothing line. She has also sprinkled this website with an assortment of her own personal favorites that are highlighted on this website. That makes it easier for her fans that are interested in clothing that she likes to emulate her style.

The American Story through Greyhound Diaries

The Greyhound Diaries are experiences of a singer and songwriter Doug Levitt in the Greyhound Bus. Through the diaries, he uses music as an instrument of sharing the journey of struggling travelers. He’s traveled over 120,000 miles across America crisscrossing plains, mountains and forgotten lands of the country by Greyhound bus. It is no longer an art project but a way of life in which he chooses to adopt. Doughs travels gave him an insight into the lives and culture of the American society.

Admittedly, Greyhound bus is a method of travel seen as the last resort. However, buses get to see all kind of people ex- offenders, workers among many others. In one occasion, a seatmate spent a 20- hour journey enlightening him on the prison system. The ex-convict said that in the prisons, inmates divide along the tribal lines. In 2004, Levitt took part in the voters’ registration exercise. On one particular day, he boarded a bus from an undecided town to another. The fascinating thing is the kind of people he got to interact with in his travels. According to him, by traveling using Greyhound, one get to see the countryside in a broader perspective.

In the bus, you get to meet all strains of the American society. Levitt rode the bus and sung to the passengers as he registered their votes. The elections passed and what started as an art project became a lifestyle. Today, he has racked 120,000 miles by Greyhound. Dough made friends and kept in touch with a few. On the bus, poverty, addiction and people with mental problems are what he meets. Through strangers, he’s been trying to solve his mental health too and what Doug knows.

Everyone has a story, a tale untold. Board the bus and someone peels off the layers and opens up. The story that follows is a song, beautiful art. He says that sharing his story with strangers helped him unburden his father’s death. The greyhound diaries is a way of telling the American story.

Doug Levitt is an artist known mostly for The Greyhound Diaries. He was born in 1972 to Carl Schwartz and David Schwartz. Levitt schooled at the Washington, D.C public schools. He graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School. At 16, his father committed suicide, an act that’s instrumental to his career in art.

EOS Lip Balm – Helping Rejuvenate The Lip Care Market

The market for lip balms had been saturated with the balm sticks products such as Chapstick for many years. However, with the introduction of EOS Lip Balm, things changed drastically. It is a one of its kind product that has been developed after a lot of thought and was an instant hit with the people. The EOS Lip Balm sells over a million units each week and is the second most sold lip balm in the market. The product is already giving its competition a tough run for its money to the oral care products in the market.

One of the primary reasons why EOS Lip Balm swept away the market soon after its launch is because the market for lip care products hasn’t seen much of a change or innovation in the past few decades. The market remained filled with the same kind of products from different brands, and it is where the EOS Lip Balm scored most points. The company did extensive research and used Facebook and social media marketing on the lip care category and found that it is one of the essential products in the beauty regime of most of the women.

The company hired the best of designers and stylists to design the product to attend to all the senses of a human being, starting from the smell, design of the product, unique shape, various unique flavors (https://www.amazon.com/Organic-Smooth-Strawberry-Passion-Honeydew/dp/B009QTDYYA), and how it opens and closes with the sound of a click. It had all the ingredients to become the market winner as soon as it was launched.

Sanjiv Khanna, who presently serves as the Managing Director at EOS, is also one of the co-founders. He said in an interview that the company deliberately didn’t hype the product much before the launch as the focus was on creating a unique product and Well-known brand that offers value to the customers.

Twenty Three Layers Creates The Ultimate Events

In an article that was posted on hgtv.com, a professional event planner gives tips on how to throw a successful event. Camille Styles give ten tips on how to help remember every detail and consider every option so that everything runs smoothly from the beginning to the end. The tips included simple planning to keep everything running smoothly without complications. Stay organized so that important issues are addressed as well as helping to keep up with any appointments. Create a theme and stick with it to make planning easier and more fun. Send invitations to ensure a good turnout for the festivities. Set up a self-service bar so that no one has to miss out while tending bar. Create special drinks for the occasion to make it more special. Keep food offering simple so that they are well received and don’t seem intimidating. Finally set up a kids table that is fun for them to interact with each other at and keep the adult’s place settings simple. Don’t try to go over the top with any one element.


For people that want to create a fantastic event but would rather have a professional take care of all the details, there is New York City’s Twenty Three Layers. Twenty Three Layers is one of the most sought after event planning companies in NYC. They are a full-service company that also handles production as well as design. They handle every detail of their client’s events and deliver outstanding results. They have hosted for some of the most prominent people and companies in New York and beyond. They are the premier event planners in NYC. The ensure that every detail is perfect for each client’s specific needs. They can handle both large corporate events as well as small intimate events that require a highly personal touch.

Mike Heiligenteins’ Role In Reducing Traffic Congestion In Austin

The Statesman posited that the populace of Austin Area has been having difficulties to reach different destinations owing to traffic congestion. This problem is created by minor breakdowns on busy roadways. Getting such vehicles off the road quickly can aid in easing traffic. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein: https://about.me/heiligenstein

According to Crunchbase, Mike Heiligenstein posited that technology would play an integral role in making the road smarter, thus enhancing traffic flow. He said that the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) was using multiple resources to find solutions to the traffic menace.

Over the years, this corporation has zeroed in on developing innovative mobility solutions. Mike asserted that the authority pumped much money towards developing 183A Toll road, which is in Cedar Park and Leander.

In addition, CTRMA developed U.S. 290 toll road between Manor and Austin. This project played a central role in tripling the road capacity and augmenting previous nontoll lanes. Mike contended that the mobility authority was not a private company, but a local entity that was established by the populace of Williamson and Travis counties.

Mike said that they were building new MoPac Express Lanes that would have advanced variable tolling to aid in the management of traffic flow. He was aware that it would be an uphill task to eliminate congestion on its entirety.

Mike affirmed that although the innovative MoPac project was not big enough, it would help people to have a reliable commute. By virtue of synchronizing demand and supply, variable tolling rates would help in facilitating a predictable flow of traffic.

In addition, Mike posited that in future, fiber lines would be embedded along the road between the airport and US 290. He was optimistic that vehicles would one day be in a position to “talk” to the road infrastructure.

With the objective of providing commuters with alternatives routes in real time, the mobility authority partnered with Metropia to design an innovative mobile traffic app. Mike said that there was need for drivers to embrace carpooling to reduce traffic congestion.

About Mike Heiligenstein

Mike has provided transformative leadership to CTRMA. He has overseen the development of the first toll road, which uses sophisticated technologies, including all-electronic tolling and video billing. The alumnus of the esteemed University of Texas graduated with degrees in Government.

He also holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Government. Over the years, he has attended different conferences to speak about transportation infrastructure. CTRMA continues to serve the people of Austin by providing them with innovative projects, including Express Lanes, Manor Expressway and 183A project.


Five Must Watch Gender-Bending Anime Series


One moment you are lying in bed dreaming about the cutest girl in your class and suddenly you are the cutest girl in your class. Gender bending, when a character either suddenly or is forced to change genders, is the basis for many great animes and here are five you must watch.



The unfortunate events of gender bender anime star Hime Arikawa’s life begin when his parents leave him saddled with all of their debts. Hime, struggling to pay debt collectors, is rescued when three girls from his school’s student council agree to pay off his debt, but for their generosity Hime will now have to join the council and live the rest of his high school years as a girl.


Ranma 1/2

Anime yuri Ranma 1/2 centers around Martial artist Ranma Saotome who fell into a cursed hot spring and now transforms into a girl every time cold water is thrown on him and can only change back by being doused with hot water.


Kokoro Connect

One day five members of the School Culture Club suddenly begin to switch bodies with each other. Their relationships will be tested as they as they struggle to determine why this is happening.


Ouran Koukou Host Club

When Haruhi accidentally breaks an expensive vase belonging to the Ouran High School Host Club, a club comprised of attractive young men who entertain heartbroken girls, she is forced to pay off her debt by cross-dressing as the newest member of the Club.



Natsuru Seno awakens one morning to find he has been transformed into an attractive girl called a Kampfer. Natsuru, now a Kampfer, must team up with the other beautiful Kampfers that attend his High school to battle other Kampfers.

How About It Mr. Howitt

Racquetball is an excellent sport for enthusiasts looking to break a sweat. Not only is racquetball fun, it is highly addictive and requires great hand and eye coordination. Since 1950, racquetball has been breaking down barriers in the world of sports. With the sport being found in different countries this is a tell tale sign of its universal appeal.

Based out in Portland, Sawyer Howitt is racquetball phenomenon and making a big splash in the sport. Portland, Oregon is also Sawyer’s hometown. At the rate he is going, Sawyer Howitt is on track to become a professional in the sport. Racquetball showcases Sawyer Howitt in all of his excellency. With that being said, there is a good chance Sawyer will represent our country in the Olympics. Sawyer Howitt is insanely popular and brings his peers a great deal of joy at school. Ladies and gentleman, you have been warned. That’s all.

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Benefits Associated With Doing Business With UKV PLC

UKV PLC is a London-based wholesaler of wine, beer, spirits, and alcoholic beverages which was incorporated on 25th March 2015. The company is comprised of wine and champagne enthusiastic team that is dedicated to providing used guidance on wines for any occasion you might be holding. The company, which is owned by UKV International AG, is run by two directors and a secretary.

Services Offered by UKV-PLC

Being a wines company, UKV PLC provides various services which include wine storage, valuation, brokerage, and delivery. In case you are interested in transacting business with the enterprise, you have options to either have a consultant contact you and help you through the available options. Or have a face to face meeting with one of the team members. The latter case is opted by most clients, with the customer choosing their preferred location of the meeting.

UKV-PLC has a trading floor whereby they operate on the acquisition, supply, and selling of wines and champagne for both individual and trading customers. Their service delivery is dependent on customer requirements, and this is how they manage to offer brokerage services to clients who are planning to sell the UK regulated bond’s investment grade wine.

What are the Benefits of Carrying Business with UKV-PLC?

In addition to the fact that you gain access to a variety of UK’s investment grade wine, there are several benefits you can leap from transacting business with UKV PLC. For instance, the company employs knowledgeable consultants who will guide you through securing the best wine that suits your budget and objectives.

How the Company Operates

UKV-PLC is an independent wine company and therefore not limited to a single chain supply. With their freedom of operation, they work with an extensive wine brokerage network which includes traders and merchants. With such a vast network, UKV PLC manages to search and draw stock whenever a client is looking for a particular type of wine or champagne, regardless of whether it is highly sorted or limited in availability.

The Next Big Thing In BMX Bikes


Are you are the next big thing in BMX bike brands, and in the market for a bike? Perhaps, you are looking for the best bike out there. Specifically, you are looking for the bike that will have you hanging out with the moon. Right?

The best thing to do would be to check out these bikes right here. Some of the best bikes around in BMX are the Haro Blackout XXL, the WeThePeople Zodiac and the Haro 1985 FST Tribute Limited Edition. First, is the Haro Blackout XXL. The Haro Blackout XXL is an excellent choice because it was specifically designed for professional BMX riding. Aside from being lightweight, it features an aluminum build along with a 20 millimeter rear axle.

According to BMX purists, the bike is a great investment and worth every penny. Next, is the WeThePeople Zodiac. The WeThePeople Zodiac is among the high-end of BMX bikes and has some impressive features. Features of the WethePeople Zodiac include a 9 inch rise equipped with four piece handlebars. Also, it is available in two colors: clear blue and matte black. Next, is the Haro 1985 FST Tribute Limited Edition.

For BMX Enthusiasts, the Haro 1985 FST Tribute is back for a limited time only. What makes this different from its 1985 counterpart is it has been built to modern standard. Back in the 1980s, it was a favorite among pro BMX star Brain Blyther. Some of its features include alloy double wall rims and a fourty eight spline crankset.

Thor Halvorssen Combines Politics and Human Rights Activism

The human rights activist and film producer Thor Halvorssen has been combining his passion for protecting the human rights of people across the globe with a need to bring stories of human rights abuses to as wide an audience as possible. Thor has developed a unique position in the film industry as one of the leading producers of documentaries that tell a human story that is designed to inform, inspire, and educate.

Thor made his name as a film producer with his work on the documentary “Freedom’s Fury”,funded through his own The Moving Picture Institute with the aid of Quentin Tarantino and actress Lucy Liu the movie was a critical and commercial success upon release. Much of the documentary work completed by Halvorssen has a political standpoint rooted on the left and is also extremely concerned with addressing the human rights abuses committed by governments of all political sides; Halvorssen is seen as a liberal, but his work addressing the abuses committed by socialist governments has allowed him the opportunity to bring his message of human rights for all.

Thor Halvorssen has worked tirelessly in his bid to push forward the human rights of all people in a way that is often blind to political viewpoints of those he is working against and with. Much of the work of Thor has been completed without an eye on gaining any political advantage for the future of his own organization or for any political group; Thor Halvorssen has worked with groups and activists from a range of political standpoints in his bid to make sure each and every person robbed of their human rights has the chance to develop their future in a free and democratic manner. One of the aims of The Moving Picture Institute has been to develop new ways of creating successful films that show the issues caused by human rights abuses that would either not be funded by regular film studios or are made by those without previous film making experience.

More visit: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/thor-halvorssen/