Sweetgreens Continues Successful Expansion

One of the most popular and growing restaurant chains in the country today is Sweetgreens. The company today has over locations across the United States, including locations on the east coast, California, Chicago, and Denver. While the company has grown considerably in the past few years, it does have very humble roots.


The first Sweetgreens store opened in 2009. It was founded by three college friends that were nearing the end of their education at Georgetown University. While they were studying for tests one day, the three came to the conclusion that the area was underserved by healthy casual restaurant options. They soon started talking more in depth and came up with the concept of Sweetgreens, which started as a salad bar concept.


Shortly after building the idea, the three met with a landlord of an open retail space in the Georgetown area. After hearing the business plan, which included showing that they had the ability to raise capital for the build out and startup of the first store, the three entrepreneurs were granted approval to open their first location. The first store was an immediate success with Georgetown students and other people in the Washington DC area. Within a year, the company was already looking to expand into other areas of the city and has since spread all over the country.


While Sweetgreens started as a salad bar concept, it has grown into something much greater. Today, it is considered one of the most high-tech restaurants in the country. They have a very effective mobile app and website that allows for online ordering. Today, more than a third of total sales are through the online application. The company is also known for its top customer service, which is an initiative set forth at the top of the company.


While many businesses started by young adults end up splitting up, Sweetgreens has continued to be led by the same three individuals, which are Nathaniel Ru and his two partners. Today, all three of them share the title of co-CEO even though they have started to have different responsibilities based on each owner’s skill set. Nathaniel Ru has been very involved in working with investors, financiers, media, and other interested parties. This has helped him to assist in the growth of the company by raising capital and finding new locations.

Oncotarget and its influence in the field of therapy

Difficulty in accessing therapy journals

Several patients have always had a hard time in getting the best medical practices without having to struggle to get them. Research has been done on the various types and forms of therapy which can be useful in the medical profession. The scientific research on disease infection and the types of treatments are available, but most of these journals are either very hard to access or not accessible at all. Oncotarget is an organization that has been exposing these researches without any struggle or pays all.

Read more: https://www.dovepress.com/oncotargets-and-therapy-journal

Presenting research documents on therapy

Several medical experts and researchers have not been in a position to get the best of medical researches on therapies. This is a field that has not attracted a lot of information in the current medical world. The people of different capabilities have come up with resources that could help in the process, but accessibility has become a problem. Over the past few years, Oncotarget has been focusing on these medical researchers to help in finding solutions to different diseases.

The focus of the Oncotarget in this field of therapy

Being an international organization, Oncotarget has focused on the pathological basis of various diseases like cancer. The organization focuses on the journals that have a specific target on protocols that are to be put in place for cancer treatments. These journals also concentrate on the management programs that put more focus on the lives of patients. The quality of health and the satisfaction of the patients has been an observed result. With these documents, there has been an improvement in the health quality of the patients. The qualities of these journals have had positive impacts on research in the medical fields. Oncotarget, which is published by Impact Journals

Leadership and impact factor on therapy

Currently, the organization has a leadership structure that is only composed of different scientists. With the intention of making an impact in the world of scientific research, the leaders have dedicated their time to the provision of various quality journals to help in the medical field. On medical therapy specifically, the impact factor has increased significantly from 1.653 in 2016 to 2.6 in 2017. The influence and quality are continually rising with the flexibility of the services.

Roberto Santiago’s Successful Mall Journey

Before Roberto Santiago was a successful mall owner, he worked as a marketing expert. He was a blogger and someone who was confident in the skills that he had. He worked hard to make sure that people knew what he was doing and that he was able to bring success to the campaigns that he worked in. Because of everything that Roberto Santiago did while he was a blogger, he was able to make sure that these things translated into his own company when he started the Manaira Mall. By having a good understanding of the way that things worked for the mall, Roberto Santiago did everything that he could to try new things with the company. Read more on comunique-se.com.

For Roberto Santiago, offering his services to his own company was one of the best ways for him to make money. While he couldn’t necessarily charge the money that he did with other companies, he was able to get the word out about the company that he was starting. He was able to save a lot of money by doing his own marketing and by making sure that he was able to help people have a better understanding of what the Manaira Mall was going to be like.

When Roberto Santiago was designing the Manaira Mall, he wanted to make sure that he was going to be able to provide luxury to all of the people who came to the mall. He liked to show people what they were able to do and what they could get out of the process. Roberto Santiago created the mall for people who wanted to shop, eat and even be entertained. It was a great way for him to improve the experience for people who were in Paraiba and who wanted somewhere they could shop with.

One thing that is unique about Manaira is the fact that there is a rooftop expo center. This is a place for concerts, expos and even cultural events. Tourists can visit the center to learn more about the things that are going on in Brazil. Locals can also visit the expo center so that they will be able to enjoy concerts from international stars. The expo center is something that most malls do not have and it helps Manaira to continue drawing people in so that they will be able to do more in the mall including shopping and eating.

View: http://economia.estadao.com.br/noticias/releases-ae,mangabeira-shopping-a-arquitetura-moderna-do-empresario-roberto-santiago,10000096117

Visitors to the mall can also enjoy one of the eleven theaters that are in the mall and can do all of the shopping that they need. From Jimmy Choo to local businesses, the Manaira Mall has something for everyone. Visitors who have never been to the mall should plan on spending, at least, a day at the mall. Spending a day at Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping will help people to have the best experience possible and will give them the chance to check out everything that there is to see at the mall and on the rooftop of the Manaira Mall by Roberto Santiago.

Mike Baur as a Swiss Businessman

Mike Baur, one of the founders of the Swiss Startup Factory is now regarded as one of the most innovative Swiss businessmen in the country. Baur knows best about building a business, having worked in the private banking industry for over 20 years. Baur worked for both UBS and Clariden Leu, banks that were focused on private investments. Prior to Baur making his exit from private banking, he made the decision to stop investing in startups so that he could prepare to refocus his efforts on his own company once he left his employer. Baur also recruited two other bankers, Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. These two men were were also ready to make their exit from the private banking industry in order to partner with him.


The University of St. Gallen held a contest for pitching business ideas, and Baur was asked to be a jury member to help judge for the START Summiteer. It wasn’t long after that Baur started his Swiss Startup Factory in order to dedicate his time and skills to helping young entrepreneurs launch their businesses. Baur had a plan to aid these entrepreneurs in every aspect of their business from start to finish, focused on helping them find the administrative help that they needed as well as the proper financing. At the time, he was the managing director of CTI, and he chose to partner with them in order to secure investments for those who were participating in his accelerator program at the SSUF.


The Goldback Group was responsible for backing the SSUF initially in 2016, but it was shortly thereafter that Baur partnered with Fintech Fusion. The fintech industry has quickly become the core industry in Switzerland, spurring investors to back young startups that have a hand in the marketplace. The Wall Street Journal took notice of Baur and his accomplishments, and followed his career early on through to his modern day successes as well.


Today, Baur is labeled as the private banking industry’s “drop out”, along with his partners. Baur remains strong with the SSUF as it continues to grow, and he is often called upon to speak to large groups and financial institutions.



Logan Stout Company, IDLife, And Garmin Come Together

IDLife, a health and wellness company, announced that it was partnering with Garmin International, which is a producer of wearable device technology. IDLife is expected to integrate Garmin wearable devices’ data into their own mobile app. This is expected to happen over the next few months, and this will allow customers to manage their milestones in health and wellness in just a one place. In other words, customers will have an easier time keeping track of their health milestones via the wearable devices.

The two companies are partnering up because they both believe that being healthy is more than what the number is on the scale. They both believe that the most important thing is overall healthy lifestyle.

About Logan Stout
The founder and CEO of IDLife is Logan Stout. He is many things, such as an entrepreneur, former professional athlete and he has played in the World Series seventeen times. He is also a business leader, coach and author, as well as motivational speaker.

Follow Logan Stout on Twitter.

Logan Stout founded IDLife back in 2014, and since then he has partnered with many well-known people, including Jen Widerstorm, Troy Aikman and Darwin Deason. He enjoys helping others build leadership skills, which is one of the reason he wrote a book all about building yourself up. Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran, both entrepreneurs and on ABC’s Shark Tank, endorsed the book.

As for his personal life, Stout is married and has two sons. He and his family live in Frisco, Texas and they are on honorary chairs on the American Heart Association of North Texas, as well as the Boys and Girls Club of Collin County. Together, the couple founded Youth Athletes Foundation, as well as a number of other charitable organizations.

Those who are interested in learning more about Stout or his company can visit his website.

Nabors CEO Anthony Petrello’s Work in Oil and Philanthropy

One of the highest-paid CEOs in the United States’ top paid CEOs. He works for Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries is a global leader in providing drilling equipment for the oil and gas industries in the leading markets across the globe. The company works with over 20 countries and among their services they provide land drilling equipment, offshore drilling equipment, specialty drilling rigs, rig equipment and a highly trained staff of people that are incredibly trained in the equipment. Nabors is also known for its innovation in the constantly involving field of oil and gas drilling. The company offers some of the most cutting edge technology available on the market today and more information click here.

Tony Petrello began his work with Nabors as a member of the Board of Directors in 1991 and served on the Executive Committee of the Board. He also was the company’s Chief Operating Office and President from 1991 to 2011, a 20-year span where he led Nabors to some of its greatest innovation and expansion. In addition to the vast amount of work he does from the operations side, Petrello utilizes his knowledge of leadership to serve in a strategic planning capacity, where he helps guide innovation for Nabors. In this capacity he ensures that the company is always pioneering the oil and gas industries and stays the world’s top choice and what Tony knows.

Among his work in the business industry, Tony Petrello is an extremely involved philanthropist. Among the many things he is involved in, his true passion is working with the neurological research being done at the Texas Children’s Hospital. He currently serves as a Board Member. Tony married his high school sweetheart, Cynthia, who was a soap opera model and actress. Tony and Cynthia’s child was born prematurely and developed cerebral pawsley. Since then, the couple has dedicated themselves to helping the neurological research being done by Texas Children’s Hospital, among other entities. The two have not only donated over $7 million in funds but actively donate their time as well and Tony’s lacrosse camp.

Petrello also works with another oil and gas giant, Stewart & Stevenson, where he is a director. He also is a director for Hilcorp Energy and his facebook.

How to Prepare for a Party

Planning and hosting your own party can be a fun experience with the right preparation. This article will highlight 10 different ways to make your next hosting experience an enjoyable one. However, if you are attempting to orchestrate a larger event, consider corporate event planners in NYC that can provide you with professional assistance.

1. Stay organized. This includes keeping and updating to do lists, shopping lists and RSVP lists.

2. Create an appropriate theme. This is especially true when hosting a birthday or holiday party. Creativity it always encouraged with these types of events.

3. Do not cut corners with invitations. These build anticipation for your event and may be kept as keepsakes by your guests.

4. Provide a self-serve bar so guests can customize their own drinks.

5. Make a specialist cocktail that will become “the drink” of your party.

6. Keep appetizers simple, but tasty. This will give guests more of a variety to taste from. It will also give you the chance to interact with all the guests as you pass them around,

7. Provide a kiddie table with activities. If the kids are happy, the parents are happy.

8. Keep placement settings simple and non-distracting.

9. Stay relaxed. If you are relaxed, your guests will feed off of your positive energy. It is important for you to enjoy the party as well.

10. Consider sending guests home with small gifts. These can be anything from goodie bags to baked goods. This will leave a lasting impression.

For larger events, or if you simply want help to throw an amazing gathering, contact Twenty Three Layers for assistance. This company is one of the top event planning companies in NYC. This company has a wide range of services that include, but are not limited to, venue selection. catering, decorations and floral design, entertainment, photography and lighting. With Twenty Three Layers, the possibilities are endless. They can also assist with custom printing and can host workshops.

When planning a party, be sure to start early. This will give enough time to ensure everything is completed. This will also reduce anxiety and tension.

The Philanthropic Works of George Soros in Political Advancement

George Soros was born in Hungary in the early years. He attended the London school of economics. His love for academics made him work on a part time contract to manage his education. He worked at as railway porter as well as a night club’s waiter. This was a move to raise money to put him in school. He later relocated to New York where he started his own business with 12 million dollars. This was in the year 1969. His business grew fast and gained popularity which later the Quantum Fund became. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

George Soros’ philanthropy led him to give out more than 3 million dollars into district attorney races. The money was given out in six states believed to support minority candidates who hope to stand against discrimination by race. His target was also the candidates with a keen interest to fight against inequity in the justice system. His move was also aimed at pushing for reform where drugs offenders on the low level face charges in a diverse program instead of jail. As a Globally recognized billionaire, George was not the only one pushing this agenda. He has extended his philanthropy by funding justice reform work at organizations. Being the major donor, George has given more than 25 million dollars to various races as well as political projects. As a move to support Hillary Clinton, George donated 7 billion dollars to a super PAC that supported Clinton. District Attorney Candidates from very many major cities have received funding from George. This includes Texas, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi and New Mexico. The money was channeled through local PAC and the National political organization. These moves make George the most preferred donor to so many political bodies as well as individuals.

George Soros was considered the most brilliant mastermind as a result of his fight for justice reforms. Positive comments about George’s moves were widely echoed by senior people including Thomas Lifson of the right-wing. Learn more on discoverthenetworks.org about George Soros.

As one of the wealthiest people, George has given out more than 12 billion dollars to help individual people as well as organizations across the whole world. His philanthropy deeds are aimed at fighting for freedom of expression, transparency, as well as the society that support justice and also fight discrimination. He has been targeting communities suffering from discrimination by their status. He has been on the front line to support the organizations that help Europe’s Roma people. His support has also been extended to individuals affected by drugs and other vices as well. He started his philanthropy move in the year 1979 that saw him give scholarships to black South Africans under apartheid. With all his fame, George Soros has always advocated for democracy. In more than three decades, his philanthropic organization known as open society has unconditional support for democracy as well as rights in more than a hundred countries.

Learn more: http://www.biography.com/people/george-soros-20926527

Clinical Pathways: A comprehensive and Custom Oncology Treatment Program is Launched By Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Founded in 1988, the Cancer Treatment Center of America is actually a network of 5 hospitals whose sole goal is treating and curing cancer. The Cancer Treatment Center of America uses both conventional and integrative approaches towards treating cancer. Originally headquartered in Illinois, CTCA is now headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. The five hospitals are located in Philadelphia, Tulsa, Illinois, Oklahoma, Arizona and Georgia.

CTCA was founded by Richard Stephenson. Stephenson’s mother died because of cancer and he was angry with the care that she had received. He started CTCA to give patients more control over their own treatments.

In February of 2017, CTCA made an announcement that they were partnering with AllScripts and Nant Health to create Clinical Pathways; a Comprehensive and Custom Oncology Treatment Platform. One of the main goals of this program is to present ALL treatment options available to each patient in regards to what types of cancer they have. The goal of this is to improve both efficiency and quality of care by reducing variables in patient care.

Another significant feature of this new program, is to provide physicians with real-time treatment regimens and updates. This allows the physicians to constantly be informed of new or better practices in regards to fighting cancer. This also allows for quicker and greater communication between the physician and the patient, and often times, the quicker the action can be taken, the greater the chance of survival.

The clinical pathways program will be immediately available to all patients, across all five hospitals on the Cancer Treatment Centers of America system.

For more information follow CTCA on Twitter.

Richard Mishaan Design: A Different Kind of Creative

In a field where an extreme predisposition for creativity is a must, Richard Mishaan rises above the rest. Currently living and working in New York City, Mishaan has experienced extensive success despite the talented abundance of competition.


Born in Columbia and raised in Italy, Richard Mishaan Design brings an inclusive cultural spectrum to his creative designs. According to Mishaan, the cities in Columbia are much more colorful than New York, and so he aims to incorporate that part of his heritage into his work. Richard Mishaan Design certainly achieves that goal of its naming founder, as the company’s website and Pinterest indicate.


The New York Post article “Richard Mishaan, the designer who dares” gives an insight into Richard Mishaan Designs through a unique lens: that of Richard Mishaan’s interior in his own house. Mishaan has a very open mind when it comes to interior design and decoration. He does not limit his designs to the constraints of the norm or other generally constructed design structures. Whether it comes to price or theme, Mishaan’s believes that if an object – artwork, furniture, etc. – fits in with the room, then that object belongs there.


Mishaan’s cultural heritage comes up once again in the article. His house in the Hamptons is ablaze with bright color and interesting patterns. In his house, Mishaan keeps certain themes consistent from room to room: the beds, for example, are all the same. However, he also adds a significantly different piece to each room so that it is different from the others. Essentially, Richard Mishaan Designs thrive on a sort of organizational individualism.


Although Richard Mishaan may stay true to a theme throughout the design of a house, he is not one to limit himself. Mishaan certainly adds a bold flair to his decorative taste, combining pieces from different decades and different decorative art movements. Richard Mishaan also has an eye for quality. The NY Post article uses an example of a set of sofas in Mishaan’s house that he has had for 20 years. It’s not just about what looks good, but t’s also about what works good.