Five Must Watch Gender-Bending Anime Series


One moment you are lying in bed dreaming about the cutest girl in your class and suddenly you are the cutest girl in your class. Gender bending, when a character either suddenly or is forced to change genders, is the basis for many great animes and here are five you must watch.



The unfortunate events of gender bender anime star Hime Arikawa’s life begin when his parents leave him saddled with all of their debts. Hime, struggling to pay debt collectors, is rescued when three girls from his school’s student council agree to pay off his debt, but for their generosity Hime will now have to join the council and live the rest of his high school years as a girl.


Ranma 1/2

Anime yuri Ranma 1/2 centers around Martial artist Ranma Saotome who fell into a cursed hot spring and now transforms into a girl every time cold water is thrown on him and can only change back by being doused with hot water.


Kokoro Connect

One day five members of the School Culture Club suddenly begin to switch bodies with each other. Their relationships will be tested as they as they struggle to determine why this is happening.


Ouran Koukou Host Club

When Haruhi accidentally breaks an expensive vase belonging to the Ouran High School Host Club, a club comprised of attractive young men who entertain heartbroken girls, she is forced to pay off her debt by cross-dressing as the newest member of the Club.



Natsuru Seno awakens one morning to find he has been transformed into an attractive girl called a Kampfer. Natsuru, now a Kampfer, must team up with the other beautiful Kampfers that attend his High school to battle other Kampfers.