Richard Blair Teaching Wealth Solutions

As a child growing up Richard Blair learned that teaching others was something he too would incorporate into his life. The son and grandson of a teacher he has taken his love of learning finance to the clients he now helps. With his company Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is using his years of knowledge to help individuals, small companies and families within Austin, Texas.


His love of learning is evident by his certifications such as CAS, CES, RICP and CFS. With his years of experience and dedication to his clients his company Wealth Solutions is a Investment advisory firm changing lives in Austin, Texas.


Wealth Solutions operates as a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm, that uses a three pillar process when helping clients. When clients come to Richard they are first given a financial roadmap to follow that uses the information they give to develop. With this roadmap they find out what their goals are financially and what needs to be done to get them there.


With the second pillar Richard finds out the long term goals and makes any changes necessary to get the client to this goal. Richard understands that he needs to watch the market for these long term goals so that they can be sustained during bad times as well as good. The third pillar which Richard feels is for the security of insurance to be addressed for his clients. With life insurance, annuities, and long term care being written into the plan.


The Austin, Texas community is where Richard Blair looks to spread his knowledge of wealth management and retirement planning. Arming his clients with the very best of information and services not only helps them but fulfills a need in Richard himself. Wealth Solutions is showing people that having a solid foundation will allow them to reach their financial goals.


A Houston University alumni Richard Blair continues to give back to the Texas community. Clients deserve to be ready for whatever financial climate comes and Richard understands the importance of his clients being prepared for a successful retirement. The teacher in him will continue to not only teach but also learn so that his company continues to help his clients.


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