Sweetgreens Continues Successful Expansion

One of the most popular and growing restaurant chains in the country today is Sweetgreens. The company today has over locations across the United States, including locations on the east coast, California, Chicago, and Denver. While the company has grown considerably in the past few years, it does have very humble roots.


The first Sweetgreens store opened in 2009. It was founded by three college friends that were nearing the end of their education at Georgetown University. While they were studying for tests one day, the three came to the conclusion that the area was underserved by healthy casual restaurant options. They soon started talking more in depth and came up with the concept of Sweetgreens, which started as a salad bar concept.


Shortly after building the idea, the three met with a landlord of an open retail space in the Georgetown area. After hearing the business plan, which included showing that they had the ability to raise capital for the build out and startup of the first store, the three entrepreneurs were granted approval to open their first location. The first store was an immediate success with Georgetown students and other people in the Washington DC area. Within a year, the company was already looking to expand into other areas of the city and has since spread all over the country.


While Sweetgreens started as a salad bar concept, it has grown into something much greater. Today, it is considered one of the most high-tech restaurants in the country. They have a very effective mobile app and website that allows for online ordering. Today, more than a third of total sales are through the online application. The company is also known for its top customer service, which is an initiative set forth at the top of the company.


While many businesses started by young adults end up splitting up, Sweetgreens has continued to be led by the same three individuals, which are Nathaniel Ru and his two partners. Today, all three of them share the title of co-CEO even though they have started to have different responsibilities based on each owner’s skill set. Nathaniel Ru has been very involved in working with investors, financiers, media, and other interested parties. This has helped him to assist in the growth of the company by raising capital and finding new locations.

Roberto Santiago’s Successful Mall Journey

Before Roberto Santiago was a successful mall owner, he worked as a marketing expert. He was a blogger and someone who was confident in the skills that he had. He worked hard to make sure that people knew what he was doing and that he was able to bring success to the campaigns that he worked in. Because of everything that Roberto Santiago did while he was a blogger, he was able to make sure that these things translated into his own company when he started the Manaira Mall. By having a good understanding of the way that things worked for the mall, Roberto Santiago did everything that he could to try new things with the company. Read more on comunique-se.com.

For Roberto Santiago, offering his services to his own company was one of the best ways for him to make money. While he couldn’t necessarily charge the money that he did with other companies, he was able to get the word out about the company that he was starting. He was able to save a lot of money by doing his own marketing and by making sure that he was able to help people have a better understanding of what the Manaira Mall was going to be like.

When Roberto Santiago was designing the Manaira Mall, he wanted to make sure that he was going to be able to provide luxury to all of the people who came to the mall. He liked to show people what they were able to do and what they could get out of the process. Roberto Santiago created the mall for people who wanted to shop, eat and even be entertained. It was a great way for him to improve the experience for people who were in Paraiba and who wanted somewhere they could shop with.

One thing that is unique about Manaira is the fact that there is a rooftop expo center. This is a place for concerts, expos and even cultural events. Tourists can visit the center to learn more about the things that are going on in Brazil. Locals can also visit the expo center so that they will be able to enjoy concerts from international stars. The expo center is something that most malls do not have and it helps Manaira to continue drawing people in so that they will be able to do more in the mall including shopping and eating.

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Visitors to the mall can also enjoy one of the eleven theaters that are in the mall and can do all of the shopping that they need. From Jimmy Choo to local businesses, the Manaira Mall has something for everyone. Visitors who have never been to the mall should plan on spending, at least, a day at the mall. Spending a day at Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping will help people to have the best experience possible and will give them the chance to check out everything that there is to see at the mall and on the rooftop of the Manaira Mall by Roberto Santiago.

Logan Stout Company, IDLife, And Garmin Come Together

IDLife, a health and wellness company, announced that it was partnering with Garmin International, which is a producer of wearable device technology. IDLife is expected to integrate Garmin wearable devices’ data into their own mobile app. This is expected to happen over the next few months, and this will allow customers to manage their milestones in health and wellness in just a one place. In other words, customers will have an easier time keeping track of their health milestones via the wearable devices.

The two companies are partnering up because they both believe that being healthy is more than what the number is on the scale. They both believe that the most important thing is overall healthy lifestyle.

About Logan Stout
The founder and CEO of IDLife is Logan Stout. He is many things, such as an entrepreneur, former professional athlete and he has played in the World Series seventeen times. He is also a business leader, coach and author, as well as motivational speaker.

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Logan Stout founded IDLife back in 2014, and since then he has partnered with many well-known people, including Jen Widerstorm, Troy Aikman and Darwin Deason. He enjoys helping others build leadership skills, which is one of the reason he wrote a book all about building yourself up. Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran, both entrepreneurs and on ABC’s Shark Tank, endorsed the book.

As for his personal life, Stout is married and has two sons. He and his family live in Frisco, Texas and they are on honorary chairs on the American Heart Association of North Texas, as well as the Boys and Girls Club of Collin County. Together, the couple founded Youth Athletes Foundation, as well as a number of other charitable organizations.

Those who are interested in learning more about Stout or his company can visit his website.

Nabors CEO Anthony Petrello’s Work in Oil and Philanthropy

One of the highest-paid CEOs in the United States’ top paid CEOs. He works for Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries is a global leader in providing drilling equipment for the oil and gas industries in the leading markets across the globe. The company works with over 20 countries and among their services they provide land drilling equipment, offshore drilling equipment, specialty drilling rigs, rig equipment and a highly trained staff of people that are incredibly trained in the equipment. Nabors is also known for its innovation in the constantly involving field of oil and gas drilling. The company offers some of the most cutting edge technology available on the market today and more information click here.

Tony Petrello began his work with Nabors as a member of the Board of Directors in 1991 and served on the Executive Committee of the Board. He also was the company’s Chief Operating Office and President from 1991 to 2011, a 20-year span where he led Nabors to some of its greatest innovation and expansion. In addition to the vast amount of work he does from the operations side, Petrello utilizes his knowledge of leadership to serve in a strategic planning capacity, where he helps guide innovation for Nabors. In this capacity he ensures that the company is always pioneering the oil and gas industries and stays the world’s top choice and what Tony knows.

Among his work in the business industry, Tony Petrello is an extremely involved philanthropist. Among the many things he is involved in, his true passion is working with the neurological research being done at the Texas Children’s Hospital. He currently serves as a Board Member. Tony married his high school sweetheart, Cynthia, who was a soap opera model and actress. Tony and Cynthia’s child was born prematurely and developed cerebral pawsley. Since then, the couple has dedicated themselves to helping the neurological research being done by Texas Children’s Hospital, among other entities. The two have not only donated over $7 million in funds but actively donate their time as well and Tony’s lacrosse camp.

Petrello also works with another oil and gas giant, Stewart & Stevenson, where he is a director. He also is a director for Hilcorp Energy and his facebook.

Why Sawyer Howitt Rocks!

When one hears the story of Sawyer Howitt, their heart fills with joy. Moreover, Sawyer Howitt possesses a gift that very few people have. With that being said, Howitt remains an esteemed businessman and an entrepreneur. With such a successful track record, people could easily mistake him for an adult. However, Sawyer Howitt has yet to reach the age of 19. In fact, he still goes to high school. Aside from his relatively young age, Sawyer remains someone with an unparalleled drive and ambition. Therefore, nothing can stop him. Like most businesspeople, Sawyer remains extremely busy.

When not preparing a spreadsheet for his company called Meriwether Group, Sawyer remains dedicated to finishing high school. Moreover, people consider Sawyer Howitt as a poster child of entrepreneurship. With that being said, Sawyer Howitt remains a multifaceted individual. As the project manager of his company, Sawyer utilizes his natural leadership skills. With such a fruitful present, Sawyer’s future looks equally prosperous. Overall, Sawyer remains a friendly and outgoing personality. In fact, he plays for his school’s racquetball team.

At Howitt’s rate, it would not remain surprising if he owns his own racquetball team in the future. Furthermore, Sawyer Howitt remains a model citizen that his community can follow. Whenever possible, Sawyer uses his expertise to give back to his community. Moreover, he spends time talking to at-risk youth. Due to his efforts, many of his peers remain optimistic about their future. As Sawyer progresses into an adult, the world can expect great things from him.

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Firm Created by Entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky Joins Fight Against Breast Cancer

The science of genomic sequencing has entered the war against breast cancer, thanks to an agreement between the technology company Tempus and the University of Chicago. Molecular sequencing and analysis will be provided to the university by the Chicago-based firm for the purpose of creating personalized treatment plans.

The arrangement is designed to provide doctors with more data about what is one of the more common forms of cancer. The lack of data available on breast cancer can today hamper treatment options, according to Dr. Olufunmilayo, a professor of medicine at the university. Tempus plans to analyze data from approximately 1,000 cases of breast cancer, which will allow the university build a massive database on the disease.

The genome is essentially the genetic “instructions” that allow for the development of an organism. An outlining of the sequencing process will help researchers understand how diseases develop in the human body. Tempus employs both the sequencing method and the process of machine learning to carry out this task. The truth about the whole story is that marriages can also succeed in this nature even though the human body reacts differently. Olufunmilayo noted that this specific genetic information will help doctors identify the method of treatment that is needed for each patient and learn more about Eric.

This is the latest medical partnership established by Tempus, with others involving such institutions as the Mayo Clinic, Penn Medicine and the University of Michigan. Established in 2015 for the purpose of fighting cancer, Tempus is an outgrowth of the global marketing firm Groupon, which itself was one of the creations of entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky.

Born in Michigan, 47-year-old Lefkofsky has in his career helped to establish a number of technology and information-related companies. He created his first internet firm in 1999 and would, only two years later, help establish InnerWorkings, which provides procurement services. His other ventures include Uptake Technologies, Mediaocean and Echo Global Logistics. He and his wife Elizabeth have also established a private charitable foundation. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation is designed to advance various initiatives that can in turn improve the communities in which they are implemented.

Possessing a degree in law, Lefkofsky is an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago. Among his other interests, Lefkofsky serves on the board of directors of both Children’s Memorial Hospital and The Museum of Science and Industry and more information click here.