Business StartUp Like Doe Deere

Becoming a business owner and entrepreneur can seem either daunting or exhilarating depending upon ones perspective. When you feel it is time to start your own business it is good to look at other leading business figures in your desired industry. Listen to their stories about start up and success and learn from their achievements and failures.


When you decide it is time to start your own business you will want to consider what you are naturally good at. Honing the abilities you already have will help you to achieve your goals. If you are a cosmetic and accessory inclined person such as Doe Deere then you may want to consider the beauty industry as your start up stepping stone. Doe started Lime Crime when she noticed a need for the fun color combinations she was seeking herself.


Doe Deere created Lime Crime in October of 2008. She launched her fun cosmetic line just a few weeks prior to Halloween. She started her business with some fun and eye catching shades of lip colors and quickly realized she hit a market niche. People loved her colors and began craving more products from the self-proclaimed unicorn queen. She quickly went back to the lab to work on more lip color lines that also would include sparkle and gloss.


When you start up your business and you develop your niche it is important to understand the wants and needs of your customers. Just because you have a winning product that people desire doesn’t mean you can stop right there. Harnessing your creativity and developing more products to expand your customer base will help to grow your business and your success.


Doe understood that people loved her fun lip color line and went on to develop a hi-lighter line that contains fun colors for cheeks and eyes. Doe also expanded her Lime Crime line into flashy and eye catching nails and soft and easy to use make up brushes. Doe Deere has always held true to her belief that her products would need to remain cruelty free and completely vegan. She has even earned the stamp of approval from leaping bunny and PETA for her products.


When you being your startup company you need to know what your set of ideals are. Stay true to yourself and your beliefs. You can build your business around your core values and still create a product that people will desire.


After expanding from makeup and brushes Doe realized she could take her product line to the next level by introducing new hair color products for her customers. She created the unicorn hair line that contains over a dozen fun color shades that are range from gentle tints to full on color that can last a few shampoos to a month or two. Doe continually focuses on her business and clients and tries to expand her product line to widen her customer base and keep her customers happy. Learn more: