The Next Big Thing In BMX Bikes


Are you are the next big thing in BMX bike brands, and in the market for a bike? Perhaps, you are looking for the best bike out there. Specifically, you are looking for the bike that will have you hanging out with the moon. Right?

The best thing to do would be to check out these bikes right here. Some of the best bikes around in BMX are the Haro Blackout XXL, the WeThePeople Zodiac and the Haro 1985 FST Tribute Limited Edition. First, is the Haro Blackout XXL. The Haro Blackout XXL is an excellent choice because it was specifically designed for professional BMX riding. Aside from being lightweight, it features an aluminum build along with a 20 millimeter rear axle.

According to BMX purists, the bike is a great investment and worth every penny. Next, is the WeThePeople Zodiac. The WeThePeople Zodiac is among the high-end of BMX bikes and has some impressive features. Features of the WethePeople Zodiac include a 9 inch rise equipped with four piece handlebars. Also, it is available in two colors: clear blue and matte black. Next, is the Haro 1985 FST Tribute Limited Edition.

For BMX Enthusiasts, the Haro 1985 FST Tribute is back for a limited time only. What makes this different from its 1985 counterpart is it has been built to modern standard. Back in the 1980s, it was a favorite among pro BMX star Brain Blyther. Some of its features include alloy double wall rims and a fourty eight spline crankset.