The Exceptional Accomplishments Of Shafik Sachedina

Dr. Shafik is a qualified dental Surgeon who has been practicing in England. He graduated from the University of London, Guy’s Hospital and dental school. Besides being a dentist, Dr. Shafik has developed entrepreneurial interests in the healthcare center.

He is presently the Head of Department of Jamati Institutions at the Aga Khan in France. He undertakes the work of coordinating the activities and programs of the Ismaili community’s institutions there in France and the sixteen key areas where they have their branches. Dr. Shafik also holds other positions in the Ismaili Imamat and society.

He is a member of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) committee, chairperson of FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International Coordinating Committee, and member of the Ismaili Leaders’ International Forum.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina has an exceptional bond with his traditions, and the art of service is one of the core virtues practiced. In response to this, he has offered his time, energy and unpaid service to organizations like the Aga Khan and the Jamati Institutions, and Ismaili Council in the United Kingdom.

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Additionally, Dr. Shafik is the Chairperson of the Board of the Sussex Health Care. The core priority of this organization is to provide high standard care for all their patients. To realize this, investments are made on their staff and services, to ensure the right resources are available to provide the care.

For example, in the recent past, they have invited connoisseurs with deep and vast experience in the area of home care, to mentor and guide the home service delivering teams. These efforts have borne fruits; for they are now renowned for the best medical and upkeep teams. More so, they have amassed significant awards from the professional healthcare bodies.

The residential and day-care service provider, Sussex issued 6 of its workers with the Chi Chester University level five Diploma in the professional practice in Social care. This diploma paves the way for those willing to pursue higher education to do so. Many other students made for level three to five qualifications in Social care, leadership, management, hospitality and therapy services. These achievements are in support of the organizations objective; to impact the lives of their patients, by increasing the knowledge and wisdom of the service providers.

Previously, D. Shafik also worked as the director of the Imara Unite Kingdom Limited, and the Horsham Clinic Limited.

He was born in Tanzania in 1950.


Richard Blair Teaching Wealth Solutions

As a child growing up Richard Blair learned that teaching others was something he too would incorporate into his life. The son and grandson of a teacher he has taken his love of learning finance to the clients he now helps. With his company Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is using his years of knowledge to help individuals, small companies and families within Austin, Texas.


His love of learning is evident by his certifications such as CAS, CES, RICP and CFS. With his years of experience and dedication to his clients his company Wealth Solutions is a Investment advisory firm changing lives in Austin, Texas.


Wealth Solutions operates as a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm, that uses a three pillar process when helping clients. When clients come to Richard they are first given a financial roadmap to follow that uses the information they give to develop. With this roadmap they find out what their goals are financially and what needs to be done to get them there.


With the second pillar Richard finds out the long term goals and makes any changes necessary to get the client to this goal. Richard understands that he needs to watch the market for these long term goals so that they can be sustained during bad times as well as good. The third pillar which Richard feels is for the security of insurance to be addressed for his clients. With life insurance, annuities, and long term care being written into the plan.


The Austin, Texas community is where Richard Blair looks to spread his knowledge of wealth management and retirement planning. Arming his clients with the very best of information and services not only helps them but fulfills a need in Richard himself. Wealth Solutions is showing people that having a solid foundation will allow them to reach their financial goals.


A Houston University alumni Richard Blair continues to give back to the Texas community. Clients deserve to be ready for whatever financial climate comes and Richard understands the importance of his clients being prepared for a successful retirement. The teacher in him will continue to not only teach but also learn so that his company continues to help his clients.


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The Osteo Relief Institute Is Dedicated to Finding Best Relief Solutions for Patients

Patients who suffer from osteoarthritis have to deal with many changes in their lifestyles; this is because osteoarthritis interferes with many different areas of their lives. These changes are sought to help reduce problems caused by their condition.



It is important for patients with osteoporosis to maintain a healthy weight. Excessive weight can worsen the symptoms and exert more stress on the bones. Regular exercise helps strengthen the muscles to offer consolidated support to the bones. A physiotherapist can recommend suitable exercises that patients can benefit from.


Diet is another factor that patients must take seriously. Not only for the sake of losing weight but also for the sake of providing nutrition to their bodies (PhillyPurge). They should incorporate an increased intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, eliminate or reduce consuming processed foods and opt for homemade food as often as possible.


Occupation and Seeking Support


Osteoarthritis, depending on the severity, may restrict movement and inhibit certain tasks patients would otherwise be able to perform. It is important to realize that a few alterations and switching to alternative methods can help the patient from incurring any damage to his health. The patient can consult an occupational therapist to guide him to these changes. There are also social support systems available to patients to help them cope financially. As a result of several lifestyle changes, patients can often sink into depression or anxiety. Support for osteoarthritis encourages patients to participate and interact with individuals around them, they also provide psychological help and other types of assistance.


Medical care


Patients with osteoarthritis need to see a health professional on a regular basis. It is important to keep track of their condition as the symptoms tend to change or increase with time. Their management plan, hence needs to be updated to include more ways to alleviate recent symptoms. A positive relationship is encouraged between patients and their health care providers so that patients feel comfortable discussing their concerns.


The Osteo Relief Institute is located in New Jersey is and operates as an independently owned facility, sonsisting of highly trained staff. The Osteo Relief ensures their patients receive pain relief solutions that are effective and long lasting. Their priority is to provide patients with alternatives to surgery through safe and effective procedures. The Osteo Relief Institute uses FDA approved technology and equipment for their treatment options.


The Osteo Relief Institute reports there are a variety of ways to ultimately reduce the negative effects associated with arthritis. These steps include mild exercise, weight loss, and eliminating smoking habits.


Additionally, the Osteo Relief Institute provides support to patients with arthritis diagnosis ( Believing in compassionate dealing, the Institute understands the importance of finding a doctor a patient trusts and feels confident sharing his issues with.


All patients who suffer from joint conditions such as arthritis can seek treatment from board-certified doctors and trained therapists at the Osteo Relief Institute. Being a comprehensive medical center, the staff is focused on treating arthritis conditions from a variety of angles. They acknowledge that the symptoms of this condition vary significantly between patients. Knowing that the majority of patients prefer non-invasive treatment protocols, the Osteo Relief Institute caters to this concern.


The Osteo Relief Institute’s ultimate goal is to allow the patient affected by arthritis to retrieve his old lifestyle prior to the onset of his symptoms. The Osteo Relief Institute continues to partake in research regarding arthritis to technologically advance itself to provide patients with more revised treatment options.


Glen Wakeman Gives Startups A Fighting Chance

One of the hardest parts of being an entrepreneur is getting started. After all, you’ve never taken on a challenge quite like starting your own business. There would undoubtedly be more entrepreneurs willing to take the plunge into starting their own business if there was more guidance available for people just starting out in the business world. Regardless of the drive and determination that a startup may have they will ultimately fail if they are unable to learn from those who have been successful in that industry in the past. Even emerging industries take advice from other even remotely similar industries in order to get their footing at the inception of the business.

This is where experts such as Glen Wakeman come into play whom can offer invaluable advice to those just starting out. Wakeman is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. Launchpad Holdings specializes in developing software geared towards new companies. The software is able to offer business solution advice as well as serve as a rough guide to the things all successful startups need to survive and then thrive. Of course, this software still requires extremely motivated and hard working individuals for it to grow their company from the ground up (

Wakeman grew up seeing so many startups that he truly believed were great ideas fail and he didn’t exactly know why. As he became a more seasoned member of the startup community he began to realize that even the best of ideas can fail if those trying to implement it have limited experience and fail to reach out and ask for help. This was one of his major driving forces in why he decided to Co-found LaunchPad Holdings. He believed that with his knowledge and expertise, more of these revolutionary ideas could come to life and improve the world around us (AffiliateDork). Startups could always use a lending hand to blossom into the vision that its founder has had all along. With people like Glen Wakeman extending the olive branch to these eager entrepreneurs, the world of innovation and new ideas is sure to flourish.


The Contributions of Dr. Mark Holterman in the Programs of Clinical Excellence and his Recognition by ADA

By being a professor at the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine, Dr. Mark Holterman, MD, is a vital member of the Programs of Clinical Excellence that the institution facilitates. The professional pediatrician offers a wealth of experience to the program, mainly because he has a two-decade expertise in the area. The program seeks to foster a way through which pediatric problems that have in the past gone unattended will be holistically and sufficiently addressed (Markholterman.WordPress). To achieve this, medical students at the college are educated on several procedures through which pediatric challenges can be handled professionally. Most importantly, Dr. Mark Holterman and other professionals in the college administer comprehensive pediatric care among other medical care services.


On top of offering pediatric services, Mark Holterman and his colleagues at the Programs of Clinical Excellence are in the front line in advocating for children’s’ rights in the state of Illinois ( They sensitize the general public on the need of safeguarding children’s health by seeking for quality healthcare services. Members of the public are educated on some of the preventive measures that when applied prudently, the number of cases of childhood illnesses would go down.


The Innovative Research Award


In recognition of his vital role in the fight against diabetes, Mark Holterman was awarded by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) with the Innovative Research Award for 2017. With about 5,000 diabetes-related research initiatives under its name, ADA qualifies to be an authority in matters relating to the disease. For Dr. Holterman to receive an award from such a reputable organization, therefore, it is an indication that his dedication and hard work has not been in vain. ADA sponsors a couple of Innovative Research Awards and has for the last six years used them to show appreciation to those who have gone out of their way to find lasting solutions to diabetes.


About Dr. Holterman


Mark J. Holterman is a medical researcher, practitioner, and professor. His area of specialty is in surgery and pediatrics, two areas in which he has perfected in for the last couple of decades- they are also the same topics that he teaches at the University of Illinois.


As a businessman, Dr. Mark Holterman serves as CEO and CMO of Mariam Global Health. Besides that, he has been a senior pediatric surgeon at OSF Healthcare since 2011.

Stream Energy’s power saving tips

We can all attest to being slapped with a higher energy bill than what we had anticipated from time to time. When this happens, we all wonder how the bill managed to reach such high figures and what we need to do to manage the situation (Twitter). The easiest way to avoid such occurrences from happening would be to ensure we understand the hidden energy costs that household gadgets bring.


It may come as a surprise to many that plugged in household devices continue to draw energy even when they are not in use. The amount of energy they consume may be negligible when calculated but with time they tend to add up to significant amounts.


If you were to cut off energy to a coffee maker, gaming console, printer, and computer screen after usage, you can manage to save up to a dollar per annum. You can even save up to $36.80 per annum my ensuring that you cut off power to the DVR after usage. An entertainment system, on the other hand, can save you up to $130 per annum by just cutting off power after usage. Once you total the annual possible savings by just cutting power off these devices, you will find out that you have enough money in your pocket to spend on something more worthwhile than paying energy bills. Diligence is all that is required from you to earn your money back.


Stream Energy is a leading American company that deals with providing energy, protective, wireless, and home services. The company’s headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. Since the founding of the company, their main aim has been to provide innovative direct selling techniques to transform the energy sector. Stream Energy has been successful in achieving their dream by generating revenue of over $8 billion in the 12 years they have been in existence. This has transformed the company into one of the major direct energy providing companies in the world (


Stream Energy offers connected services that are aimed at ensuring their customers’ day to day activities proceed seamlessly. The company’s energy services can be enjoyed in the States of Georgia, Texas, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., Illinois, New Jersey and New York. All the other services rendered can be accessed throughout the country.

Jorge Moll Talks about How Technology Revolutionizes Treatment

Jorge Moll, the chairman of the leading hospital network in Brazil, Rede D’Or São Luiz, confirms that technology can significantly improve the treatment and patient care. He says that innovation is the latest trend in healthcare sector worldwide. Moll shared some interesting observations in clinical care across the globe. He said that the digital technology, which was visible in Silicon Valley, initially, is spread to healthcare arena and creating better opportunities for the industry beyond borders (ResearchGate).


Due to that reason, Dr. Albert Chan, the VP of Sutter Health – an innovation-focused healthcare network in the United States – came to Brazilian soil and tried to implement new technologies in the sector keeping advancement is the key focus. During his visit, Dr. Chan explained how technology changes the way healthcare works. Physicians can use a single voice command to retrieve all the information and medical data of the patient, quickly. He stated that Google Glass is already using for this purpose in the industry. It is further estimated that technology would ensure 100% patient focus, safe and deep medical evaluation, and efficient interaction between physicians and patients.


Additionally, at the end of the consultation, the technology enables the clinics and hospitals to capture the detailed information about the patient, remotely. Finally, it is structured and reviewed by specialists to ensure improved patient experience and efficiency ( Jorge Moll also added that tablets and smartphones are integrated into patient care and treatment. Applications created by the hospitals and clinics help the patients to access their medical history and even set up appointments online without the help of a call center. Moll thinks that these technology initiatives are currently revolutionizing the medical industry, and it is going to be the future.


He expressed his optimism that various health players in the Brazilian industry, including hospitals, individual developers, entrepreneurs and startups, venture capitalists, teaching and research institutes, and more, would embrace the technology in the near future. Jorge Moll says that their collaboration would help to make a rapid advancement in the medical innovation of the country. However, he stressed that the players in the industry should nourish the power of partnerships to make the entire process accelerated.

Why Kate Hudson’s Reverse Showroom Technique Represents a Paradigm Shift

The past shopping experience when people went shopping in bricks and mortar Fabletics Stores has now been overtaken by numerous trends and dynamics in the clothing market. With the availability of internet connections almost everywhere both in homes and offices, the use of internet, especially by clothing traders that venture into e-commerce platforms, is no longer an option. Currently, Amazon is a controller of the largest share in this particular industry; this means that other players need to find ways in which they will collaborate in this platform of e-commerce. One of the brands that have been able to cement its operations in this platform is Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. In just three years, she managed sales worth around $250 million.


Employment of the reverse showroom strategy is one of the major reasons why Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been a success in the market. This particular strategy is guided by shopping experience in which customers conduct a search for good deals or choice of clothes before making a purchasing decision. However, due to the presence of online stores, the experience has been brought even closer to the customers as they can be able to do so via the comforts of their homes by looking at the photos. After deciding on what the customer wants, they go ahead and purchase at Kate Hudson’s physical store that has been recently opened. The realization that purchase of clothes is an experience and a psychological one too is what is most important in the reverse showroom technique.


A marketing strategy that is sound and reliable is what has placed Kate Hudson’s Fabletics business at the top. Her brand has been reviewed by many customers and her fashion has been described as affordable, stylish and trendsetter. Kate is one of the most renowned and classy actresses in the country. She believes strongly in giving inspirations and having positive impacts on the lives of women and the girl child.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has also been a success in the market due to the ability of her company to come up with dependable digital content in the pages that they display. This coupled with keeping in touch with changing needs of its clients has enabled the company to have not only a loyal customer base but also attract new clients. Fabletics has also been informed by the diverse cultural activities of individuals all over the world subjecting it to a wider market.

The Role of Dr. Avi Weisfogel in Doing Away with Sleep Apnea

The broad acknowledgment of Dr. Avi Weisfogel is regarding his specialization regarding sleep apnea. The more extensive population have no understanding of it and thus the reason for their suffering. He has made remarkable contributions towards the utilization of the dentistry concept to facilitate its treatment. As well, having adequate and accurate information concerning what he gives remedy is quite essential.

There are various characteristics of the sleep apnea. For instance, the encounter of pauses during breathing in the mid of sleep. There is the possibility that they can take as long as a minute. The fact that it facilitates mood swings and deprives one a peaceful sleep explains the importance of having it cured. Despite the fact that anyone is susceptible to being a victim, the groups most likely to be affected are those at work in the course of the night.
It is recommendable that those who are overweight should take the appropriate measures towards bringing down their weight. The truth is that the menace can affect all the people, but it is important to make inquiries from the medical professionals. Such include Weisfogel.
Weisfogel has continually been an individual with the dedication to meet his goals throughout the duties he partakes. He is a graduate of the Rutgers University in the field of Biology & Psychology. It is after this attainment that he underwent the certification program at New York University. At the end of this, he was certified to practice dental surgery.
Following the license to practice and the skills that he had, he preferred founding a dental practice called Old Bridge Dental Care. Worth acknowledgment is the fact that it turned out to be the winner for two years. The award was known as The Best Dentist Award.
Notwithstanding the challenges he underwent in assisting patients, he executed a measure that could be increasingly efficient in facilitating the realization of his goal. His dream is alongside the provision of a universal solution to the victims of the challenge.
His dream acted as the driving force towards the founding of the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients. It took place in 2012.

Making a Splash with Waiakea Water

Waiakea Water has been a trailblazer in the bottled water industry since their ingenious concept of using volcanic water as a base for their new product that has revolutionized the industry. Now Waiakea Hawaiian Bottled Water is once again changing the dynamic of the industry, and other plastic container applications as well, with their newly developed truly degradable plastic container. The company is already one of the fastest growing small businesses in the United States. This new container will improve all bottled beverage products that implement the technology because the novel concept could impact the entire planet.

The problem with plastic container development in the past has not been about not focusing on degradable containers. While many packagers have claimed to have a degradable plastic container, the truth is that this claim has rarely held up. The science behind new containers has been for stronger and heavier plastic using a combination of polymers that are left to degrade according to the forces of nature. Waiakea recognized this common false claim and flawed development process, deciding to employ a different approach.

The new container is actually designed by infusing the bottles with the nano-additive Timeplast chemical that reduces the time of the natural degradable life span of a plastic bottle from 1500 years to about 15 years. This container additive could essentially be used in every type of beverage or other product used in all marketplaces, ultimately having a huge impact on both the industry and the planet in general. Instead of waiting on time to be the main catalyst, Timeplast jump starts the process in a significant manner.

Waiakea Hawaiian Bottled Water was developed and began marketing in 2012 when founder and CEO Ryan Emmons began offering the product made from the volcanic water flows of Hawaii. The water collection begins at the summit and then runs across the lava deposits further down the slope. This allows the large collection of minerals in the lava to seep into the water providing a much better base water source for the product. The company has been recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the fastest growing enterprises in the nation and potentially around the world.