Customers Challenge Competitor Securus Technologies Networks With Comments On Forum

Securus Technologies customers have began to challenge other networks with their customer comments on their interactive feedback forum listed on the website. It has allowed their customers to leave comments and reviews. In fact, some customers have been able to identify services with Securus which helps them save more money in comparison to other networks. It was also a great way for their customers to leave feedback about their technology and how it works. You’re invited to leave your customer comments to hear what other users have to say about being a part of the secure Securus Technologies network.

Build a secure network for you and your loved ones to communicate in a correctional facility with Securus. They have more integrated online features detailed on their website versus other networks. More importantly, Securus stated out as a government mandated telecommunications provider for other inmates and have been able to incorporate their technology to consistently protect the general public. You can get exclusive services which allow you to save more money while getting more time to effectively communicate with the ones you love. Their services and features are preferred over other networks with prices that compare $4 to $1.

Customer Preferred Securus Technology

Online Inmate Photos

Inmate photos is a good way to show the progress of their child’s new school year or the progress of an aging parent. Send an inmate up to five photos once they’re approved by the facility their located.

Remote Visitation

Most of their customers have enjoyed having access to their remote visitation feature at Securus. It has allowed them to offer a personalized internet visitation fee for a small fee. You have to be included on an inmates visitation list to use the remote visitation feature.

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