Glen Wakeman Gives Startups A Fighting Chance

One of the hardest parts of being an entrepreneur is getting started. After all, you’ve never taken on a challenge quite like starting your own business. There would undoubtedly be more entrepreneurs willing to take the plunge into starting their own business if there was more guidance available for people just starting out in the business world. Regardless of the drive and determination that a startup may have they will ultimately fail if they are unable to learn from those who have been successful in that industry in the past. Even emerging industries take advice from other even remotely similar industries in order to get their footing at the inception of the business.

This is where experts such as Glen Wakeman come into play whom can offer invaluable advice to those just starting out. Wakeman is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. Launchpad Holdings specializes in developing software geared towards new companies. The software is able to offer business solution advice as well as serve as a rough guide to the things all successful startups need to survive and then thrive. Of course, this software still requires extremely motivated and hard working individuals for it to grow their company from the ground up (

Wakeman grew up seeing so many startups that he truly believed were great ideas fail and he didn’t exactly know why. As he became a more seasoned member of the startup community he began to realize that even the best of ideas can fail if those trying to implement it have limited experience and fail to reach out and ask for help. This was one of his major driving forces in why he decided to Co-found LaunchPad Holdings. He believed that with his knowledge and expertise, more of these revolutionary ideas could come to life and improve the world around us (AffiliateDork). Startups could always use a lending hand to blossom into the vision that its founder has had all along. With people like Glen Wakeman extending the olive branch to these eager entrepreneurs, the world of innovation and new ideas is sure to flourish.