Elysium Health is Making Strides

The youth saga has now begun with a new and improved research company. Having the ability to find a supplement to sustain life at a younger state has been a long time debate with many research companies. With the help of researchers and scientists from MIT the company has developed a pill that could sustain life longer. The complexity of the pill has certain amounts of chemicals and products that are able to defy aging among the tests that have been conducted within its research.

Leonard Guarente, a biologist at MIT, is a developer in helping create the pill and at the age of 62 years old to boot. Believing that they body can merely be manipulated by the metabolism with would slow down the aging factor in humans around the world. When developing new scientific research and developing such a complex foundation in a pill form it can take years to implement the measures of this development in a time frame. Researchers’ and developers have been searching and testing the contents on mice and worms within their facility. With positive outcomes from the testing the company is now moving on to greater prospects and changing lives for a more youthful and better live than we could ever imagine.
Elysium Health, the newly founded research company was brought to life in 2014. The company has projected their mission on to helping find solutions to health issues through science. This is an innovative tribute to changing our world as we know it today. Many scientist and researchers are dedicating their lives to improve other peoples’ lives.

The company has established an impressive Scientific Board that has some of the best specialists around the world. They had also partnered with some of the finest universities that there is to offer for research purposes. The comapny has an innovative way of collaborating with great sources to produce amazing results in and out of the research labs. Many great things are to come from a great company.

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